• Are you tired most of the time?

  • Are you constantly getting sick?

  • Do you have dark circles under your eyes?

  • Do you nails chip very easily?

  • Is your hair starting to turn grey?

  • Do you have an inflammatory disorder?

  • Are you struggling with a chronic disease?

  • Do you suffer from food intolerances?

If you answered YES to one or all of these, then it's time to start prioritising your health and Stop your Body's Ageing Clock!!!


Join MICHELLE T. JONES on 6 weeks of hand holding, guidance & coaching to equip you with the tools you need for OPTIMAL HEALTH, so that your body can start rebuilding, rebalancing, and achieving optimal health.

    • Michelle will create a personalised program for you

      • a simple meal plan to support your lifestyle and health needs; 
      • the best supplements & herbs to address your body's deficiencies.
      • simple lifestyle changes for optimal health
    • Michelle will guide you with a step-by-step process to follow to implement your program so you can achieve your best results.

    • Michelle will be available to you for the next 6 weeks to answer your questions and concerns from best recipes, support, and tools you can add into your routine, based on what might be available to you at the time, or during your travels. 

    • Michelle will help tweak and adjust your program, when you find it overwhelming, to make sure you can easily implement your program and succeed in your health goals.



    When I was referred to Michelle Jones, I was suffering from chronic bowel disorder and already been from doctor to doctor, both in Sri Lanka and overseas, and none of them were able to give me a clear diagnosis of my situation.  And even when a vague diagnosis was given, there was no specific treatment that was prescribed other than strong chemical drugs which caused further distress to my bowel.


    I am thankful to Michelle that after her very clear diagnosis and prescription of natural treatment, that I am greatly relieved and well on my way to recovery and furthermore 5 kgs lighter and looking much younger and completely detoxed and feeling healthy.

    Philip Weeraratne

    Entrepreneur, Architect

    Colombo, Sri Lanka

    “After my program with Michelle Jones, I can see my dream body, and I'm very happy. I didn't think it was possible for me to get this.  I can guarantee this program really works.  Thanks Michelle.”


    Colombo, Sri Lanka

    “After my program with Michelle Jones, I had to buy a whole set of wardrobe, because none of them fit. After 10 years of being overweight I have my body back. Thank you po.”


    Canberra, Australia

    More reasons to join the 6-week Coaching Program

    • Specialized Program 

      A specialized program created just for you, ensures that it takes into account your body's strengths and weaknesses, your health goals, and your current health issues.  It also takes into account your work, your time constraints, level of fitness, as well, as your dietary preferences.

    • Supplements to help your body

      When needing to boost the body to get energy levels to go up fast, supplementing is necessary.  In this program, you get recommendations of top of the line supplements that are tested and proven to work, so that you get to your health goals faster, and more efficiently.

    • Recipes

      Depending on the diet program that will be designed for you, it will include the recipes you need to complete it.    


      Our recipes take into account food you need to eat, food you need to avoid, food you want to eat, and alternatives you can choose from to ensure you enjoy each meal.

    • Weekly Calls

      6 Weekly follow-up calls ensures you stay on track with your program. Follow-up calls will be an opportunity to discuss what works, what doesn't work, what is difficult to keep doing in the program.


      Supplement, Recipes, and Exercises are going to be tweaked. 

    Free Access to the STAC Membership Program

    Here are some of the audio & video collections that you will have access to in our membership program, that will help you continuously stay on track towards optimal health.  This program is also designed to help you and the rest of your family, ensure that the whole family maintains optimal health.

    • Body Overhaul

      Did you know your body also needs an overhaul, just like your car?

      Do you know that the body also tells you when this should be done?


      Watch this video by Longevity expert and Health & Wellness coach, Michelle Jones, as she explains why an overhaul is necessary, and how the body shows us when this should be done. 

    • Natural Remedies

      Hippocrates said that we should let our food be our medicine and our medicine our food.  


      In this video, longevity expert, Michelle Jones, will share some natural remedies that we can use at home for ailments like the common cold, flu, and hay fever.

    • Top 10 Food

      Balancing the body can be quite tricky, and sometimes people think that there is one formula to heal all and to get the same results for all. However, there is one thing that we know for sure, food, and the right food, can balance our system


      Find out what food are best for your. health and your family's health.  And find out what food need to be avoided.

    • Children's Health

      We only want what is best for our children.  We want them to grow up healthy, strong, and smart.  But the modern way of eating and living is making our kids obese and malnourished.  


      Find out how we can have healthy and happy children.   

    Here's more....

    Your STAC Membership Program access means that you also have access to these additional perks.

    • Calendar of Events / Lectures / Workshops

      Coming soon....


      We will be releasing our calendar to help you plan your time more effectively.  Events, lectures, workshops, and courses are designed to help you achieve your health and wellness goals.

    • Discount at the Longevity Store

      As a member you will have 5-15% discounts from our Longevity Store for supplements, herbs, books, programs, lectures, DVDs, and courses. 


      Make sure you have given us your WhatsApp number, in order to receive the discount messages from our team. 

    • Workshops & Courses

      As a member, you will have first priority to join our online and live workshops & courses, like, but not limited to the following: 

      Creating Your Own Holistic First Aid Kit,

      Creating A Personalised Healthy Menu,

      Getting Into A Green Smoothie Lifestyle, and so on.

    • Coaching Programs

      Some of our clients who achieved optimal health through our program, wanted to be able to change the lives of others.  So, we created the Get Certified Coach Program, where you can learn & get certified in Nutrition, Herbal Medicine, Iridology, and Coaching, and help others get healthy.


    I'm Michelle Jones

    I am a health and wellness coach, longevity expert, and an international speaker and lecturer.  


    Like you, I was once very sick and in a lot of pain. I was always exhausted and struggling to keep myself healthy. Because I was pregnant, it was difficult for my doctor to do all the testings to identify my illness. After my daughter was born, I was eventually diagnosed with Crohn's disease and prescribed medications. 


    My health crisis and the eventual healing journey that followed, opened my eyes to the beauty of natural remedies.  I equipped my body with the tools it needed to rebuild itself, and it did just that without medications.  

    Since then, I have been able to help my patients and clients restore, rebalance, and reclaim their health through natural remedies and food.  READ MORE

    Since then, Michelle has studied and gotten certified on various modalities.  Today she is a Naturopath, a Certified and Integrated Iridologist and Iridology Instructor, a Functional Nutritionist, a Western Herbalist, and an Anti-Aging Practitioner.  Because of all her studies, she has helped thousands through her practice and coaching programs.  Michelle helps equip her patients and clients with the tools needed to rebuild their health naturally and holistically.  She also has helped those who want to go further and educate themselves to help others, get certified.


    Michelle Jones is a leading authority in health and longevity, with 12 years of experience, helping people just like you achieve optimal health. She has helped people from more than 25 countries transform their health and lives through her proven step-by-step treatment programs, from suffering from inflammatory disorders, diabetes, hypertension, and those suffering from stress and anxiety.  


    Michelle Jones has shared the stage with celebrities and leaders of industries to help empower more with their health.

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