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Are you ready to start feeling and looking younger?

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I'm Michelle Jones

I am a Longevity Expert, and I am here to help you look and feel like you're 20 again.


I will guide you through a step by step process, that will reboot, rebalance, and rebuild your body, so that you can have more energy, strength, vitality, and youthfulness about you.


More importantly, I will be here to help you stay focused on your health goal,  and keep you accountable.  Because a goal is only achievable, with action and accountability.


When I was referred to Michelle Jones, I was suffering from chronic bowel disorder, have already been from doctor to doctor, both in Sri Lanka and overseas, and none of them were able to give me a clear diagnosis of my situation. 


Even when a vague diagnosis was given to me by my doctors, there was no specific treatment that was prescribed other than strong chemical drugs which caused further distress to my bowel.


I am thankful to Michelle that after her very clear diagnosis and prescription of natural treatment, I am greatly relieved, well on my way to recovery, 5 kgs lighter, and looking much younger and completely detoxed and feeling healthy.

Philip Weeraratne

Entrepreneur, Architect

Colombo, Sri Lanka

When I met Michelle Jones, I weighed 85 kilos.  I was unfit, my diet was a mess, and my skin and hair was unhealthy.  I drank so little water and was pretty much ageing rapidly.  The first thing Michelle did was make me look deep into how I looked into myself and placed me on a plan that was sensible and manageable.  We started with green smoothies, increased my water intake and taught me how to cook healthier.  It was a step by step process but so worth the journey.


Today I am 64kg.  My skin radiates and everyone comments that I look so much younger.  Most importantly, I have no health issues.  Michelle keeps in touch and never lets me fall, and I credit this life change to her.

Michelle Monsour


Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea


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