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Longevity, Vitality, Endurance, and a Youthful Appearance are the goal of everyone over 40.  Without the right guidance, protocols, and tools, it can be difficult to successfully achieve them.  Our team of international coaches who are the best in their fields, are here to hold your hand and help you achieve these, and more.  


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  • Internationally Certified Health Coaches and Practitioners

    You will have access to internationally certified, award-winning, health coaches who are among the best in their fields, and they will provide you with the best and latest programs, trainings, and courses that will help you get yourself in your best form ever.

  • You Do Not Need To Fly To Us

    Getting the best coaches usually means finding them and flying to them.  Not with your Longevity InSight membership.  We meet you in your. home or at work, depending on where you need us, because we do most of our program online, for ease and comfort.

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    Join our community, our health challenges, and our live events and be part of a happy healthy group of individuals who, like you, are passionate about health, wellness, and longevity.





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Meet Our Team 


Success can only be achieved with a clear set of goals, proven steps and processes, and a group of driven coaches who will keep you accountable and focused on accomplishing your goals.  Meet our team of amazing coaches.

Jacky Vogt


Mindful movement and meditation expert, Jacky Vogt, helps her clients deepen their awareness of their physical and behavioural patterns - both disruptive and productive. 


In this program, Jacky will equip you with fluid sequences that will help you break disruptive patterns that prevent you from achieving your full potential.

Melissa Fisher


Globally recognised mindset coach, Melissa Fisher has guided athletes, dancers, and international clients to be able to push through their challenges and goals using her revolutionized approach to eliminating limited beliefs and fears, because as Melissa says, " What you believe you become."  


In this program, Melissa will transform your mind and body.

Michelle Jones


Internationally renowned anti-aging coach, Michelle Jones, has taught clients in 25 countries how ageing is the result of deficiencies and imbalances in our body, as a result of a toxic environment and poor lifestyle habits.  


In this program, Michelle will provide you the tools you need to repair, rebalance, & reboot your body to give you youth, vitality, and health.

Robb Evans


Award-winning fitness and weight loss authority, Robb Evans, is here to show you just how to awaken the sexy within, using his most effective strategies, tools, and techniques.  


In this program, Robb will share with you a step-by-step blueprint that will help you obtain the body you desire.


Ambassador Geoff Doidge

South Africa

Michelle Jones, you have certainly been innovative in how you assist people to have a better quality of life and making an impact. I admit my consultations with you changed my life, you inspired me to live healthier and better.  We still make smoothies part of our eating plan to this very day.  I have also successfully reduced my weight from 88 in 2017 to 78kgs this week by just adhering to a healthy eating plan. I was 78kgs when I married Carol 44 years ago, and I made a commitment to her that I would be good shape by our anniversary this year. Thank you.

Kasunchana Wijeyawardena-Kapilasena

Colombo, Sri Lanka

After my training with Melissa, I immediately knew her technique was definitely for me. Within just six sessions, I could see changes in my body; my thighs and arms.  I felt stronger and more energised. Melissa has not only managed to change my body but also exudes tremendous positive vibes and good energy. I thoroughly enjoy the various challenges she gives me.  Melissa’s technique is incredible and definitely works - I have gone from an UK size 8/10 to 6/8 and have never felt healthier! I would highly recommend Melissa.


Jo Warner

Melbourne, Australia

I have been doing pilates with Sue for almost 2 years. I had been to others, but I never realised how crucial technique was, until I met Sue.  She has made me realise that doing the exercise with the correct technique with lower reps is better than pushing yourself to 20 ‘bad’ ones. I have come such a long way after having a serious back injury and I can’t thank Sue enough. I have also been doing her 30 day challenge on top of my usual weekly classes. She is so dedicated to helping others achieve their goals. She is truly amazing 😊 I can’t thank you enough Sue.


Featured TRAINING Modules


Here are some of the video modules that you will have access to from our Dream Team Coaches.

  • A Healthy Overhaul

    With life being so busy these days, we find our body struggling to keep up with the demands of work and a busy home.  The immune system gets compromised and an overhaul of our body is required. But where do we start? This video gives you the how, where, and why so that you can do a proper overhaul of your health and your body.

  • The Mental Game


    The Mental Game is a series that helps you achieve your fitness and life goals.  Your thoughts play a major role in how successful your program can be. This is because you cannot have success if your mind keeps saying you will fail.  Here Melissa guides you through exercises that will help you have a strong mental game, so you can have success in anything you set your mind on.

  • Food Master

    Are you tired of food being the enemy during your fitness journey, or in your daily life? Then get ready for FOOD MASTER! This eight-tip video series is designed to help you gain control over your eating and help you to begin to enjoy food again, guilt free! These tips will totally change the way you look at food and what it means to eat healthy.

  • 30-Day Abs Challenge

    Post pregnancy, one of the biggest worries women have is "will I ever have a flat stomach again".  Sue, mother of three, shows you that it is not impossible, nor difficult to have a flat belly post pregnancy.  Simply follow her on this video series and take up the 30-day Abs challenge and see for yourself how you can transform your body.

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