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Are you struggling with pain, fatigue, sleep, allergies, stress, or digestive issues?


Are you chronically sick? 


Michelle can help you rebuild your health.

#1.  Let's identify the root cause of your health problems.

#2. Let's create your wellness program together.

#3. Let's work together to achieve your health goal.

"The body can rebuild itself if we work together and provide it with the tools it needs. 


I will identify what your body needs, provide you with your personalised program to follow, and you will implement the steps to start the rebuilding of your body." 





I am a health and wellness coach, longevity expert, and an international speaker and lecturer.  


Like you, I was once very sick and in a lot of pain. I was always exhausted and struggling to keep myself healthy. Because I was pregnant, it was difficult for my doctor to do all the testings to identify my illness. After my daughter was born, I was eventually diagnosed with Crohn's disease and prescribed medications. 


My health crisis and the eventual healing journey that followed, opened my eyes to the beauty of natural remedies.  I equipped my body with the tools it needed to rebuild itself, and it did just that without medications.  

Since then, I have been able to help my patients and clients restore, rebalance, and reclaim their health through natural remedies and food.  READ MORE



When I was referred to Michelle Jones, I was suffering from chronic bowel disorder, have already been from doctor to doctor, both in Sri Lanka and overseas, and none of them were able to give me a clear diagnosis of my situation. 


Even when a vague diagnosis was given to me by my doctors, there was no specific treatment that was prescribed other than strong chemical drugs which caused further distress to my bowel.


I am thankful to Michelle that after her very clear diagnosis and prescription of natural treatment, I am greatly relieved, well on my way to recovery, 5 kgs lighter, and looking much younger and completely detoxed and feeling healthy.


Philip Weeraratne

Entrepreneur, Architect

Colombo, Sri Lanka


Michelle Jones opened my eyes to alternative treatment. She made me understand what natural therapy is and how I should learn to listen to my body to allow it to achieve optimal health.  she put me on track with my health and encouraged me to learn more about wholistic health.  I recommend spending your time with Michelle.  


Thank you Michelle and all the best for your career!  Cheers!


Amabel Suva-Go

Wholistic Buff

Hongkong, Honkong


Michelle Jones, you have certainly been innovative in how you assist people to have a better quality of life and making an impact.  I admit my consultations with you changed my life.  You inspired me to live healthier and better.  We still make smoothies part of our eating plan to this very day. 


I have also successfully reduced my weight from 88kgs in 2017 to 78kgs this week by just adhering to a healthy eating plan.  I was 78kgs when I married Carrol 44 years ago, and I made a commitment to her that I would be in good shape by our anniversary this year.  Thank you.


Ambassador Geoff Doidge

Pretoria, Gauteng, South Afric





Find out what warning signs your body gives out to say it needs HELP.


Find out what these signs are and what steps to take to resolve your health problems



Why does some food cause inflammation and ill-health?


What is good for one person isn't necessarily good for another.  Find out what the right food is for you.



There are so many supplements claiming to be the best, but how do we know what to choose. 


Find out what supplement is right for you.



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