• Let me coach you to STOP YOUR AGEING CLOCK!  

    Short of having your own fountain of youth, I will guide you towards feeling and looking 20 years younger.  With my proven step-by-step process, that has helped people from 25 countries, we will help your body reboot, rebalance, and rebuild itself, so that you can start feeling revitalized, reenergized, and young again. 

  • Book me to speak, lecture, or train

    If you want a speaker who is able to address a wide variety of audience and keep them interested, then I am the person for you.  I have materials on health, wellness, nutrition, longevity, balancing life and work, stress management, and much more.  I have spoken multiple times in women's events, conducted office lectures & workshops, spoken in international conventions with doctors, health practitioners, and students, as well as organised wellness & detox retreats.

  • Learn, and Create the Change

    Have a step-by-step guide on creating your change - from the meals, smoothies, and supplements, to the process you need to follow and the changes you need to make.  My books and videos incorporate the programs that have impacted my clients the most, that have given them the most effective weight loss, detox, and reboot that they have experienced. Enjoy the information that once was only available to my paid clients.


  • Have all the tools you need to impact change and thrive!

    Join our membership program and have me with you anytime you need me to provide you the tools you need to adopt the tactics necessary to allow your body to thrive and STOP the AGEING clock.  Have our resource library available to you, to educate you, encourage you, and remind you what needs to be done to allow you to reboot, rebalance, and rebuild your new younger self.


Dr. Nicholas Tsoupis

Sport Chiropractor

Papua New Guinea

I have known Michelle Jones since 2017 both personally and professionally.  I have been fortunate to have worked along side her and to have benefitted from her advice and recommendations.  She is a committed and caring practitioner and she strives for the absolute best for her clients.  She is never too far away to reach and always gives her clients time and care.

Lynne Dowling



I had my first appointment with Michelle Jones nearly 6 years ago and I am really grateful to her for planning my diet and prescribing supplements to achieve better health. Her instructions were always simple to follow and I always walked away with a sensible course of action for any health complaint that I may have had. 
I highly recommend her services to anyone.

Kiru Kishokumar

Global Health Coach

United Arab Emirates

I met Michelle Jones, after I had reached burn out from pushing myself too hard in my business.  She immediately identified what was going on in my body and helped me feel my best through food and lifestyle changes. She taught me how to pay more attention to my body and care for it better. This experience inspired me to learn more about the my mind and body, to be able to help others .



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